Expectations vs Goals

glassWe have all heard the idea of the glass being half empty or half full depending on the person’s perception.  The same concept applies with our expectations and goals.

In the context of the glass being half empty – this often refers to seeing ourselves as half empty, incomplete, lacking, not good enough. Our sense of self and worth becomes tied to those things we want. And these lead to expectations we place on ourselves. Once this is the case, our self-esteem and worth are at risk if we don’t get them – we need to make this happen! Our focus becomes fixated on where we lack and what we aren’t and all that space that has not been filled within that glass. We become very skilled at seeing whats wrong that we fail to see what is right. The journey to getting those things becomes one of discouragement and pain.

When the glass is half full we see ourselves for the good things that we are, the positive attributes, the good times, the things we do right, the people that do care about us and the potential we have. We are ok with where we are and that space left in the glass is available for us to build ourselves up even more than what we are. We can build up our capacity for love along with our ability to give. We can build up our awareness of whats going on around us.  We can gain more knowledge that helps us produce better results in whatever we do. We can build up other people through our communication with them. The journey becomes one of fun, and we enjoy the process. Life becomes more enjoyable and we get to see the good things, the accomplishments, the growth, the potential for more growth and opportunities.

Being aware of this is just the first step. With the pain and unresolved hurt that may surface, do not fret, it is just your minds way of placing the focus on what needs to be resolved. These are signals from your unconscious mind to your conscious.  Negative feelings tell us something needs our attention. When we address those areas of lacking, the wonderful things and good feelings they were covering up will shine once again.

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