Manifesting Our Soul Intention

soul intention

Our indigenous ancestors around the world had taught us something very important yet often overlooked – they believed our dreams reveal the wishes of the soul. It is through our dreams that we unlock sacred knowledge that is housed deep within our soul and spirit, calling us to move beyond our ego’s agenda and into a deeper more spirited way of living.

So today I am introducing – Soul Intentions ‘Wishful’ Wednesday’s. This is not simply about ‘making a wish’ and sending it off into the Universe, but rather about delving deep into our soul so it may reveal to us our true purpose, and the meaning for the events in our life.

Here’s how this works – Your wish must be something that will reveal an answer of a greater or ‘higher purpose’ or meaning. Hint: if it’s too specific you’re not asking it the best way. For example, you may want to ask:

Show me how to be more courageous.
Guide me towards a more peaceful life.
Show me the meaning for this drama in my life.
Reveal to me – what is my purpose?
How can I be more compassionate?
How can I make a meaningful contribution?

Only ask one question each week and ask that same question daily (e.g. each night before you go to sleep). Ask your soul to reveal its answer to you through your dreams… or through ‘meaningful coincidences’ throughout your day. Be observant – you may be surprised where your answers will come from! It also helps if you approach life with love in your heart – practice gratitude throughout your day to allow love to expand. When practiced diligently, this mindfulness exercise can expand your consciousness, strengthen your intuition, and have a profound impact on the way you approach life.

And yes its OK to share them or write them down – these questions (of purpose & meaning) tap into sacred ‘soul’ wisdom that guide us throughout our lifetime. If you choose to keep them to yourself, that’s OK too, just follow exactly the same steps above. Now please go ahead and make your wish, write it in the ‘comments’ below.

♥☼ I ask EVERYONE that participates to acknowledge everyone else’s wishes by either ‘LIKING’ their question or commenting “AND SO IT IS”. When we focus our energy on supporting each other and their dreams – the Universe conspires to make them happen! Please come back and share your feedback with everyone on this Facebook page – we’d ALL love to hear how your answers were revealed and the impact they have had in your life! ☼♥

“I dwell in Deep Silence, deep within the heart of the Universe. When making a wish, I mirror back to you whatever you wish for, with the same intensity as when you sent it forth. Your wishes are always granted – but not always in the way you may think. You must have the Power to pull it back to you – like a magnet. That power is within you – just use it.” (Native American Wisdom).

Love & blessings,
Psychologist Milan Ljubincic