Ancient ‘OM’ Meditation


For those that practice meditation (and those learning) I’m including another beautiful meditation practice I use — The ancient OM meditation, with the healing sounds of 432 Hz music (below).

Meditation is a mental discipline practices for thousands of years, in which you achieve altered levels of consciousness, and practice contemplation and relaxation. Not only does the OM meditation balance the nitric oxide in the body, it also helps the body release toxins and fat while stimulating increased metabolism.

Here’s a few tips:

1. Dedicate time for meditation. Best early morning or late evening when it is quiet. Get comfortable in any position you prefer. All you need is a quiet place to sit for a while.

2. If you want to achieve the “empty mind” – where you are free from all thoughts – keep your focus on the music. Be aware of thoughts and emotions that drift into your consciousness, but don’t attach yourself to them. Anytime you start thinking of something, bring your attention back to the music and ‘exhale’ your thoughts or let them float away in the breeze.

Here’s the OM meditation music (best listened to with head phones – but not essential):